Tuesday, January 20, 2009, 9:19 AM

Barack Obama's Chinese Tie

Regardless of what one's ideology inclination is, one has to admit that today is a historical day in he U.S. Any doubt of that should be washed away by the hundreds of thousands of people who started gathering at the National Mall in Washington DC at the crack of dawn this morning, battling the bitter cold weather, to be part of the presidential inauguration of Barach Obama.

Most people know about Obama's Kenyan tie, and many know that he lived in Indonesia for a few years when he was a young boy. But not many know that he also has close family tie to China. The English language Chinese newspaper China Daily reported yesterday that Obama's half brother Mark Ndesandjo has lived in Shenzhen for the last seven years, is married to a Chinese woman, speaks Mandarin, and practices Chinese calligraphy. Enjoy the full story at this link, http://www.cdeclips.com/en/nation/fullstory.html?id=14186.


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